Memphis Oral School for the Deaf has snagged 

two seats in Section 103 Row T Seats 4-5 for 

WEDNESDAY, MAY 30, 2018 7:30 PM 


How to Enter? DONATE $100

and help deaf children learn to listen and talk!

**Chances to be entered for every additional $100 donated**



You will have a great view of the main stage and center stage for the performance! Tickets valued at $850. Last chance to enter is Friday, May 18th! Winner will be announced on MOSD's Facebook and on this event site.

Thank you for supporting Memphis Oral School for the Deaf!

We can't stop this feeling! Justin Timberlake you got us dancin! We would love for you to come dance with us at Memphis Oral School for the Deaf in Memphis, TN!!!

On Wednesday's, we have Music Therapy with Ms Rebecca! Check out our moves!

FedEx Forum
191 Beale Street , Memphis, TN 38103

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