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Memphis Oral School for the Deaf relies on our "Hearing Heroes" who support our programs through generous contributions.  Every dollar given supports students at MOSD as they learn to listen and talk.  The cost to educate each child at MOSD is $50,000 per year.  MOSD is proud to say that in our 60 year history, we have never turned a family away because of their inability to afford tuition.  Our students receive 30 hours of small group classroom instruction each week provided by our highly-trained deaf oral educators.  Children receive five hours each week of speech therapy and aural habilitation (listening therapy).  Our students also receive individualized treatment from our expert, on-site audiologists.  

All students at MOSD have varying degrees of hearing loss but are able to access sound through cochlear implants, hearing aids, and bone-anchored hearing aids. For children with hearing loss, auditory training in the early years of life is essential for spoken language development.  The goal for each child is to close the chronological age gap caused by their hearing loss so they can go on to enter kindergarten with their hearing peers.  Many of our students graduate with the listening and spoken language skills equivalent to or even exceeding that of their hearing peers.  

By becomming a Hearing Hero, you are helping our students access a future of limitless opportunties. Please give the gift of sound today. 


You may also consider making your gift a recurring monthly donation by joining our Sound Investment Partners group.  


Hearing Heroes will be recognized during the Live Virtual Presentation on May 22nd as well as on the MOSD website for the 2021-2022 year.  Please let us know if you wish to remain anonymous by emailing

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